Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Old Success Story

It was a completely new project started from scratch. The main goal of a project was processing of a big files and then generates reports. Despite the fact that installation of a product includes configuration for personal and network use, we choose choose architecture of app that includes Tomcat and Hibernate. After some investigation I found Sculptor. It uses well known (by me) technologies and best practices for that moment. When main functionality was implemented in a draft state Sculptor helped to start with a simple domain model. It was not really big model. This model includes about 50 entities and services (Users, Reports, Settings, Schedule, Directory objects, ...). It was implemented by a team with a different experience in JEE technologies. And almost all of them started to use Sculptor model very quickly.

Our team used SCRUM as a development process. So, it was really exciting "Agile" process implementation. Even Domain Model was agile! There were several serious refactorings that includes changes in Domain Model and Sculptor framework supported this in several ways. First, It requires tests implementation, so our changes was tested just after applying. Second, the way Sculptor uses to separate generated and hand-written code doesn't prevent refactorings. Sure, there were some minor problems, e.g. with using "lazy" initialization. But they were successfully solved and now product is on the market.

December 2008

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