Thursday, August 27, 2009

Screencast: Introduction to Sculptor

During the summer I have published a series of articles that illustrate basic usage of Sculptor. They include screencasts so that you get a feeling of what it looks like when using Sculptor.

If you are totally new to Sculptor you might need to read What is Sculptor? before looking at the practical example.

The series illustrates the following, step-by-step:

  1. Jump Start - Initial creation of maven and eclipse projects. Persistent entity and CRUD GUI are created in a few minutes.

  2. The World is Changing - Adding more to the application. Quick development round trip, short feedback loop, it is not a one time shot.

  3. Testing is Simple - Testability is crucial and is of course supported.

  4. Adding Behaviour - Generated code is well separated from hand written code.

  5. Say Hello - Entity, Repository and Service are some of the available building blocks. Yes, it is real DDD-style.

  6. Introducing a Type - Developing a high quality domain model is the core of Sculptor. Small type objects are typically part of a good domain model.

  7. Refactoring - How is refactoring done when having a mix of hand written and generated code?

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