Saturday, August 15, 2009

Say Hello

In previous article our Planet is capable of constructing a greeting message. This article shows how to make it possible for a client application to say hello to the Planet.

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Let us create a PlanetService to expose the sayHello method to clients. We lookup the Planet from its name using the built in findByKey repository operation. In Sculptor model file this looks like this:
      Service PlanetService {
String sayHello(String planetName) throws PlanetNotFoundException;

Entity Planet {
String name key
Long population min="0"
Long diameter min="0" nullable
-Set<@Moon> moons opposite planet

Repository PlanetRepository {

All hand written java code we need to add is for testing and two trivial lines in PlanetServiceImpl:
    public String sayHello(ServiceContext ctx, String planetName)
throws PlanetNotFoundException {

Planet planet = getPlanetRepository().findByKey(planetName);
return planet.greeting();

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